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Hi, we are Lisa Dimond and Marc Slugh. We know what it is like to feel like crap from chemo and radiation. Are you feeling like there must be some purpose for what you are going through but not sure what it is?

Do you feel like those who are closest to you just don't understand even though they love you and are trying their best to help? Has cancer taken a toll on your mind, body, finances and relationships?

No worries! You are not ALONE! We have created a remarkably detailed game plan for you to achieve clarity, strength and purpose no matter where you are on this quest through cancer. Everything is about you and what you want to do, we are only here to guide you, support you and inspire you to Shine Beyond Cancer and realize your dreams!

Our book and courses will help you prioritize your life in every aspect. You deserve to live your best life and Shine Beyond Cancer! We are here to help!

Let Us Guide You To Shine Beyond Cancer

We know that you did not choose to be on this team...the cancer team. We didn't either. We were fortunate enough though to have gone through some pretty amazing personal growth work, fortunately, right before we were diagnosed. Both of us attribute this work in part to helping us Shine Beyond Cancer.

The Shine Beyond Cancer book shares our journey through cancer and beyond. We are completely vulnerable about every aspect of our life prior to our diagnosis, where we were during our fight and how we have catapulted beyond to live abundant, vibrant lives. The book is now available on Amazon. There were no resources like Shine Beyond Cancer when we were going through our fight. Now we are sharing our secret weapons that not only got us through but allow us to SHINE! We have both said that although we would never wish this disease on anyone, we are grateful to have had the experience.

From the idea of the book, sparked our video series and podcast which are FREE on our FaceBook page, Instagram, YouTube and here on our website. We want to be a beacon of hope and inspiration. We want to provide tools and tips to manage the confusion and anxiety.

Now you do get to choose your team...the Shine Beyond Cancer team. Whichever program or programs you choose, expect inspiration, growth and transformation! You will Shine Beyond Cancer!

  • The Shine Beyond Cancer Survivor To Thriver private group offers a weekly live coaching session and daily action steps no matter where you are on your journey. Interact with other group members for ongoing inspiration and support.

  • SBC offers an 8 module online course (Time To Shine) that dives a little deeper into all of the areas of your life. Once a week you will have a group coaching session in the private VIP Club and ongoing support. This course is designed for you to shine.

  • Are you ready to "Go For It"? Is it time to take back the time that cancer stole from you? In this 90 day program you will have weekly interactive coaching, inside tips and strategies to really take your life to another level. Truly transformational!

What Others Are Saying

  • Congratulations Marc Slugh and Lisa Dimond for creating this wonderful resource! This gift will touch so many lives that need support, help and hope during a difficult time. Blessing others is what you do best!

    Laura S.K.
  • These are 2 of the most amazing, inspiring, loving, generous people I know. This is a gift! Thank you for this powerful contribution💜💜

    Shifra B. Founder, Embrace Your Life

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