Hi…we’re glad you’re here!

We are Lisa Dimond and Marc Slugh.  We are the founders and creators of Shine Beyond Cancer.

Shine Beyond Cancer is for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, going through cancer treatment or is engaged in life cancer free.  We have both been where you are right now.  

Here is the beginning of Marc’s story:

“I received the news on August 3rd 2011. “Sir, I’m sorry to say that there is cancer in your body. I’m not sure what kind it is or how severe it is yet, but we are sure that there is cancer in you.” My unique story is that I knew it. I really knew that it was bad. I knew it because I felt like crap for 6 months prior to diagnosis. With all of my symptoms getting progressively worse over time, and having the internet at my fingertips, I did so much research, I just knew I had cancer.”  Marc was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins-Lymphoma.  He is now 7 years cancer FREE!

A little bit of Lisa’s journey:

“In January 2013, I declared to myself I was going to have the best year yet.  Embarking on a new career and starting a business, I was having the time of my life.  Everything changed in May 2013 when I heard the words, “I’m sorry my dear, I don’t have good news.”  And that was only the beginning.”  Lisa was diagnosed with a late stage, rare form of breast cancer.  It was aggressive and it was spreading fast.

We are here to provide inspiration, hope and the tools you desire to manage the confusion and anxiety.  We will deliver a remarkably detailed game plan for you to achieve clarity, strength and purpose no matter where you are on this quest through cancer.  And we look forward to quarterbacking you through all aspects of your life so that you too shine beyond cancer to live a vibrant life.

Keep Shining,

Lisa & Marc