Survivor to Thriver Free Group

This is a private Facebook group filled with people like you who are looking for cancer coaching to take their life from survivor - to - THRIVER!

If you want CLEAR steps on how to Shine Beyond Cancer on a daily basis and be in an environment designed to help you get the most out of life, The Survivor To Thriver Group is the place for you.


The Survivor To Thriver Group is currently accepting enrollments.  Click the button below to join today.

Time To Shine Online Course

When you enroll in this 8 module online course you will gain Free Access to the Time To Shine VIP Facebook Group PLUS the Time To Shine Playbook, our Nutrition Guide, Essential Oil Guide, Exercise Guide, Herb Guide and Energy Guide.

This online course is designed for you to begin wherever you currently are on your journey.  If you are seeking to create a bold, new, healthy life after cancer, this program will give you the blueprint you desire so that you too can Shine Beyond Cancer.

In addition, we will share with you all of the tools we use to live abundantly and vibrantly.  We are currently accepting new clients for this course.

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Keep Shining Mastermind Course

This is truly an intensive, transformational coaching opportunity.  Over the course of 90 days, you will take control of your health, your relationships, your career and discover your purpose.

In addition to FREE access to the Thriver Group, the VIP Group and all of the bonuses from the Time To Shine Course this program will be custom made for you.  You will have weekly, virtual live training; daily private coaching and accountability; daily private tips and motivation.

There will be thousands of dollars worth of material and access to our coaches in all aspects of your life.  Need business coaching?  You'll get it from an expert.  Need meditation coaching?  You'll get it.  Want to write a book?  We've got you covered.  Be prepared to take your health and every area of your life to a whole new level.

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