• Shine Beyond Cancer will be a great tool for the - behind the scenes -experiences cancer patients face. This gives them a platform where they are completely understood ! Shine on 😎

    Sheila O.
  • These are 2 of the most amazing, inspiring, loving, generous people I know. This is a gift! Thank you for this powerful contribution💜💜

    Shifra B. Founder of Embrace Your Life
  • Congratulations Marc Slugh and Lisa for creating this wonderful resource! This gift will touch so many lives that need support, help and hope during a difficult time. Blessing others is what you do best!

    Laura S.K.
  • Marc and Lisa are the real deal! Anyone who is going through cancer or has gotten beyond it and is ready to shine needs to stick closely to this community. Anyone who knows someone with cancer please refer them to this page! It’ll be a place to stick close to like-minded positive people who understand the highs and lows, the stress and the success, the changes in your body, mind and spirit in a way that only someone who has gone through this can identify with. They have done a ton of transformational work and as master coaches will help you keep your mindset in the right place so your outcomes and beyond can be life-changing and your next chapter shines brighter than you ever could have imagined. Keep Shining!!!

    April O.