Can Being Kind To Others Bring You Health Benefits?

Marc Slugh unloading supplies during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Kindness is the new buzzword. Kindness is on bumper stickers everywhere. On T-shirts and coffee mugs. I bet you can’t go one day without seeing something related to kindness. I see it everywhere. My question is why has it taken this long for the world to realize that kindness really is just a great concept?

Kindness by its definition means the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. 

WOW! What an amazing way of being. It’s something that should come so easy to all of us, but why doesn’t it. 

I’m not picking on you, I was in contrast from this way of being for a long time. I could blame it on many made up factors: 

One, I am a native New Yorker and as a generalization we stay to ourselves, fast to react and always in a hurry. That doesn’t bode well for stopping to be kind. 

Two, I was a judgemental jerk for part of my life. Again, doesn’t bode well for being kind to others. 

But then I had two major health issues, slowed down my fast-paced life and looked at the world through different lenses. You know what I found? I opened my eyes and saw that there were so many people who are suffering more than me.

I saw that a smile, opening a door or helping someone carry a heavy package to their car will light up their face with a huge smile. I saw that telling someone I know how special they are, can make their day better. I saw that donating old clothes to a family in need will change their entire life around. I saw kindness was simple and was remarkably fulfilling for everyone involved.

Yes it was amazing for the people I was kind to, but holy crap did I feel amazing as well. 

Kindness gives me “helper’s high“.  It releases the feel-good hormone called serotonin which has so much to do with the pleasure centers in your brain. It also seems to help me reduce stress. It also raises our vibration which in turn boosts our immune system.

Helping others takes you outside of yourself and allows you to take a break from the stressors in your own life. Practicing kindness can also make you better equipped to handle your own stressful situations. 

Do you practice random acts of kindness? 

If “YES” comment on what you do, we would LOVE to create a collection of answers below.

If NO (not yet, I need some ideas) 

Here are a few simple ways to get started with a kindness practice:

1. Let someone cut in front of you in a traffic jam. 

2. Give a family in need a gift certificate for dinner. 

3. Calling an old friend to check up on them who you haven’t spoken to in a while just to say hi and show you care.

4. Assist a coworker who might be behind on a project even though you have a lot of work you need to get done.

There are millions more….. 

Kindness is a learned habit of giving .

It’s also about lending a helping hand or an ear to listen. It lifts us up spiritually. Plain and simple it is good for the world. 

Let’s all spread some love and kindness around.