Financial Toxicity During Cancer

3 Lessons To Change Your Situation

Let’s face it cancer sucks and cancer is an expense we never plan for.  

You can have your whole financial life planned out. You can have your budget set for food, housing, vacation and retirement. You can be all set. Then you get slapped in the back of the head with the cancer diagnosis. At first we don’t even begin to think of the financial ramifications. 

What we think about is feeling better and knocking the cancer out. We listen to doctors every instruction. We take all the tests. We start chemo, radiation, or the surgery we take all the prescribed medicine.

All we want to do is kick cancer’s ass. 

Then a few treatments in, or a few weeks after the operation, you received the first bill from the doctor, hospital or pharmacy. If we are lucky to have health insurance, part of these bills will be taken care of.  In my experience of 14 months of three different treatments and tons of medication, health insurance comes with a huge fight to get anything paid for. For those of us without insurance coverage, your eyes popped out of your head when you see the audacity of what you’re being charged.

Either way with or without coverage, I would imagine every person going through cancer is astonished at the prices we are being asked to pay. It starts to add up very quickly, obviously the longer you are in treatment and the faster the numbers creep up. It’s a vicious cycle that puts more pressure, more anxiety, more stress on everyone involved.

Now hopefully, thank God you are cancer free and have bills to pay.  What do you do? What can you do? What should you do? You can fight but that will take time and energy you might not want to waste and probably lawyer fees.   Or you can be proactive and think of alternate ways, besides your real job, if you are lucky enough to go back to work, to create income.

The new term for this is called creating a side hustle.

Here are three simple lessons I have found to create more income and possibly a whole new abundant career from your side hustle.

1) Sell your stuff.   We all have so much extra stuff in our attic’s, our garage, or our basement just taking up space. With the enormous power of the internet and sites like Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, find what you can in your home and flip it to someone for extra money. It’s easy to set up accounts, take pictures of your items and post them for sale. I would be willing to say that with a small bit of time and effort, you can generate a few thousand dollars fairly quickly.

2) Let your passion grow into profits. Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a self-made millionaire, started using the Internet to market himself.  He always says, in the world of the internet as we know it today you can make money by taking something so trivial as peanut butter. What that means and what I am suggesting is either research how to start a blog or YouTube channel about something you’re passionate about. There are millions of people monetizing their passions on social media and the internet. It will only take a little while to research how to get started and then just consistantly post about your passion to begin.

3)  My personal favorite.  The route I chose and has made me debt-free and abundantly happy is the direct selling/network marketing industry. It is a very low entry point to start a business compared to the franchise businesses I had researched. 

I found the highest quality type of product with the best compensation plan that was a consumable product. What I mean by that is when people love the product they re-order on a consistent basis. Just to be clear this takes effort and hard work to build a business to the level I did but in the beginning it was a tremendous way to earn great short term income and have relief. There are thousands of companies you can be a part of. I would highly suggest you take the time and do your research but the rewards in the end can really ease the financial stress of cancer debt.

I’ll tell you another success story. I witnessed right before my eyes. My partner in Shine Beyond Cancer, Lisa Dimond.  When we met she had a successful brick and mortar business, B-Vibrant Wellness Naples Power Plate Studio, which she started right as she was getting diagnosed with breast cancer a few years earlier. She had zero experience “selling” but when an FDA approved medical device came into her life in 2016 and helped restore her health and vitality, she couldn’t stop sharing and educating so many others about the health benefits of microcirculation.  She quickly turned it into a small business. 

Initially she was sharing with the clients in her studio only.  A business within a business is so smart. However, it soon grew in 2017 into a thriving abundant income which has now put Lisa at the top 1% of this company.  Not only is she helping so many people with the health benefits of this device but she also brings on new distributors who have also learned how to add extra income and revenue into their lives through the business opportunity.

We are both living examples of success because of PASSION.

Not experience.

Not big networks.

Not extensive education.

Just passion to be happy, healthy and help others. Reach out if you are open to learn more.  There is always room for you on our team!!!