Grounding at the beach

Grounding: Not Just For The Tree Hugging Granola Crowd

With all of us on the phone or in front of a computer on a daily basis, the positive charges coming off of these electronics have changed people’s electrical charges in their body…and it’s not positive +.

Studies have revealed that more and more humans are feeling the effects of the charges coming off their electronics and their heavy metal levels have steadily increased with use.

One way to counteract all of these positive electrical charges is through grounding (or earthing -they mean the same).  If you have heard of the term you might be thinking two things:

1. that’s what hippies used to do  

2. that’s what tree huggers do

If you haven’t heard of the term, let me explain it, simply. In a mindful way, you connect directly with the earth with no shoes on and touching the earth with bare feet.   You can also lay on the earth with contact to your body, e.g. lay in the soft grass or on a sandy beach.

Why is this important?

The earth generally gives off a negative charge and with all the electronics we use it makes a huge difference when you get balance back into your body and life. Balance is one of the keys to living your best life and grounding is a simple, free way to get balance throughout your internal energy field.

Why do we need to worry about our internal energy field?

Changing your internal energy raises your internal vibration. For people who are cancer free and have made significant changes in their lives, operating at a high vibrational level opens up new possibilities moving forward. Cancer survivors have also received enormous amounts of chemicals that have been processed throughout their bodies.  Gaining a sense of calmness and natural energy through grounding can offset much of this.

More and more research studies have been done to show groundings numerous benefits. A few results have shown the daily rhythm of stress hormone, cortisol, actually begins to normalize after grounding.  Grounding improves your circulation which aids in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of the body plus increases blood flow.

If you need more evidence, another clinical study has shown that regular grounding can help relieve symptoms of inflammation and pain.

Consider getting a minimum of 30 minutes of grounding daily. You can stand, sit, walk, lay on soil, grass or sand. Personally, walking on sand at the beach where I live is my favorite.  Naples, FL has amazing beaches (stay tuned we will invite you to come visit). I also walk my three-year-old weimaraner outside on the grass barefoot and around our lake. So next time you are outside flip off your shoes, take a few deep breaths, be mindful and see how being grounded to planet Earth feels.  

If you are like me you will let go of the notion that only hippies and tree huggers do this grounding thing.  I invite you to concentrate on forming a connection to Mother Earth. Let us know where you decided to do your grounding?  We would love to hear your experience in our Facebook Free Group called Shine Beyond Cancer Survivor to Thriver.  You can also always reach me and Lisa at

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