What is Shine Beyond Cancer?

Welcome to our first blog.  Marc and I created Shine Beyond Cancer to be in contribution to anyone whose life has been touched and disrupted by cancer.

Our mission is to provide inspiration, hope and the tools you desire to manage the confusion and anxiety.  We will deliver a remarkably detailed game plan for you to achieve clarity, strength and purpose no matter where you are on this quest through cancer.

Marc and I will be here to quarterback you through all aspects of your life so that you too shine beyond cancer to live an abundant, vibrant life.  We know you did not choose to be on this team. We didn’t either. But we kicked cancer’s ass and you can too.

Do you feel like there was a reason that you were chosen for this disease?  We do...actually 2 reasons...one is it created clarity for us about who we really are and the other about how we could touch another life in an inspiring and empowering way.  

Do you feel a sense of purpose or passion but you aren’t clear which direction to go?  Marc and I have been there.  We have created this platform from our hearts and our experiences in order to help you prioritize your life in every area, to take action on creating the life of your dreams and to offer hope - you are not alone!

Cancer is a profound journey!  We would never wish it upon anyone but we are grateful for the experience.  Without the weakness we have felt, we would not have known the depth of our strength. Without the fear we felt, we would not have known how much courage we are capable of.  And without the ugliness of this disease, we would not have known that we are full of grace.

Shine Beyond Cancer can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Itunes Podcast.  All of our platforms are designed to be interactive and shared.  Marc and I are available and here to help so please share our story, our blogs, our posts, podcasts and videos (and coming soon...the book) with anyone and everyone!

Life is a series of choices, we’re grateful you chose to find us.  And now...it’s time to choose life - your life!

Until next time...

Keep Shining!!!

Marc and Lisa