passion to profit
Isa Millionaire #253

If you are of my generation, you think of going “to work” as waking up early, dressing up, commuting, working in an office for 8 plus hours, then commuting home (maybe miserable) just to eat dinner, watch TV and do it all over again. 

Think of your parents, grandparents, friends’ parents. It was the pattern. It was the norm. What percentage of people going “to work” would you say were truly happy in their job?

Thankfully, with the invention and explosive growth of the internet, this stereotype and really the reality of what it was has changed the landscape of what work and a job looks like.

Now in 2019 the explosion of entrepreneurship has brought us new amazing inventions and new multi-million dollar companies. Think of Uber, Apple, and AirBnB to name a few. They filled a need. They were someone’s idea that turned into their passion.They filled a void that someone thought we needed and they were right.

I am a realist and know that these successes, to the level that they are now, are few and far between. But there are MANY other inventions and companies that started with someone’s idea and passion and became profitable.

Many people have started simply by writing a blog describing their passion and what they do to pursue it. It is great to express yourself this way. You are in control of the content. You get to say what you want and any way you want to say it. It becomes a habit, either daily or weekly which then seems to gain momentum when other people interested in what you are sharing start to catch on.

Then, when you gain a following there is an opportunity to have advertisers pay you to be on your blog. The advertisers want to be where the action is. There are many travel bloggers who make a great living traveling and writing about it. The best of both worlds. How can you beat that? A few good ones are:

  • Dan Flying Solo
  • A Broken Backpack
  • Lili’s Travel Plans
  • The Blog Abroad.
  • My Life’s A Movie
  • Drew Binksy
  • The Blonde Abroad

Now if you really want to go out of the comfort zone and step it up, YouTube is an amazing platform for passion to PROFIT.  You can find anything and everything on YouTube; guitar lessons for a fee, making jams and jellies, woodworking lessons for a profit and how to make money from showing others to do the same. There are very diversified areas and ways to turn what you are passionate about into $$$$$$. 

Once you have become a so called “expert” in your area you can start membership sites that coach others in their passions as well; everything from life coaching after a divorce, to a curriculum for third grade teachers, to learning a meditation practice. That’s where people have been able to create recurring revenue from the members they serve in their expertise.  As a society, we are becoming more accustomed to paying for monthly subscriptions like phone usage, internet, Netflix, gym memberships, meal delivery, etc. It is becoming the norm. 

As for me, I am passionate about health and wellness. I have turned my passion into 4 successful businesses over the last 8 years. A nutrition business with Isagenix, best-selling author and cancer coach, a fitness studio in Naples, Florida and a distributorship for a micro-circulation device. 

What are you passionate about? Are you ready to take action and put yourself out there and let people know what your VISION is?  Bounce some ideas off of Lisa Dimond and Marc Slugh and we will happily coach you. Email me at